Warranty Policy

Products Covered

‘’ takes following products for repair :

  • Casio Watches
  • Q&Q Watches

Warranty Duration

‘’ provides free warranty services against manufacturing defects for all Casio and Q&Q timepiece products. The warranty period is 1-Year.

Warranty Conditions

‘’ products which are under Warranty and having manufacturing defects shall be repaired “FREE OF COST”. Customer shall show original Warranty card and copy of purchase-bill for availing warranty service.

Product having following problems shall be treated as OUT OF WARRANTY:

  • Physical damage to Liquid Crystal Display.
  • Scratches on the body of the product.
  • Physical damage to plastic parts.
  • Mishandling of product.
  • Battery leakage.
  • Used bands of watches.
  • Water seepage.
  • Broken bands of watches.
  • Missing parts.
  • Fading of printing.
  • Wear and tear of switches.
  • Discoloration of product parts including cases, bands/straps.

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